Case Studies


The client requested that all the electrical services to be inspected and tested. All lighting, power and plant room systems were identified, tested and labelled for future use.

The client required all major electrical faults to be rectified as soon as identified.The remainder were quoted.

The entire project was completed within 3 working weeks with negligible disruption, leaving the company fully productive.

Our client was highly impressed. As a result, two further contracts have been awarded, which is a testament to Electro-Test's capabilities.


The client requested an Inspection and testing programme. Electro-Test Ltd designed this programme to address 100% for all sub mains and 20% of the electrical system (light and Power ) each year.

This ensured that each Distribution board was inspected every year and that the client benefitted from an independent report on its property separate from the Maintenance regime already in place.

Electro-Test Ltd works closely with all parties involved to ensure minimal disruption during the two-week period each year.



A property management company required an Inspection and Test, but only on areas for which it is responsible in a shared building. This involved close cooporation with all the tenants throughout the building to keep power disruption to a minimum.

All the electrical cabling to each tenant’s distribution boards required testing, which was carried out during non-trading periods.

All tenants and the property management company praised Electro-Test Ltd for its diligent work. As a result, new contracts were awarded to carry out all the testing within the building, and on a further three sites.