Emergency Lighting Testing

What is Emergency Lighting Testing?

Emergency Lighting is a legal requirement in all premises where people are employed.  It is a Life Safety System and is required to guide the occupants safely out of the building to designated meeting points in the event of an emergency, e.g. power failure or fire.

It is not only the lighting that is mandatory but also the correct signage; this is over looked by my companies.

 emergency lighting testing
   emergency lighting testing

It is a mandatory requirement to comply with:

  • BS 5266-1:2005 Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises
  • The Building regulations 2000
  • The Fire Precautions (workplace) regulations 1997
  • The Health And Safety (Safety Signs And Signals) Regulations 1996 link

Items to be tested

The emergency lighting system installed in your premises is required to be inspected and tested at the following intervals:

  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Monthly
  • Annual

Electro-Test offers inspection and testing services for 6 monthly and annual periodic tests. These are carried out for the full rated duration of your emergency lighting system, normally 3 hours.

During this test we ensure the correct operation of the emergency lighting system, the correct location of the fittings and that the correct signage is in place.

It is normal practice for the daily and monthly tests to be carried out by your in-house maintenance staff.


Specific locations where a luminaire must be provided are:

Electrical Testing Lighting Locations


To ensure that the exit signs are of correct format and size, Section 4.1 of BS5266 Pt 7 states that “Signs which are provided at all exits intended to be used in an emergency and along escape routes shall be illuminated to indicate unambiguously the route of escape to a point of safety”. Where direct sight of an emergency exit is not possible, an illuminated directional sign (or series of signs) shall be provided to assist progression towards the emergency exit.
The Sign formats below should not be mixed

Electrical Testing Signage

Remedial Action

On completion of the test period a detailed report will be supplied along with any remedial recommendations required to ensure that the emergency lighting system is fully maintained and working.

Certification and Reporting

During the Inspection and test procedure,all emergency lighting fittings will be labelled to help in identification with the detailed report and Certification. This will be provided on paper format and digitally on CD-ROM in PDF format for ease of storage.