Load Testing

What is load testing?

Load testing is a power analysis survey taken on your electrical distribution system.

This is carried out over a prolonged period of a minimum 7 day period.  This enables us to evaluate the voltage, current flow, power consumption and to assess the power factor.

 electrical installation testing
   electrical installation testing

Why do I need it?

With increasingly complex distribution systems now being installed within premises into the existing electrical systems, greater demand is being placed on this original cabling.

This can create overloaded circuits, which can over heat and present a possible fire risk.  It can also introduce spikes or surges in the supply, which can cause circuit breakers to trip meaning loss of power and productivity.

How do we do it?

Electro-Test use specially-trained test engineers and up-to-date equipment to provide you with a detailed report and analysis on your electrical system. 

In this report we detail recommendations and remedial works if required to ensure that your electrical system is balanced correctly and not overloaded in anyway.

The report can be issued in paper format, or digitally on CD-ROM in PDF format.