Thermographic Surveys

More and more commercial and industrial properties are now being asked for a thermal survey to comply with insurance policy requirements. A Thermal survey can be used in conjunction with a traditional Electrical inspection and test report to give a full picture of your electrical installation.

Thermal imaging is a non-contact technology that measure infrared wavelengths to determine temperatures from a safe distance. This makes it quick and easy to visually check surface temperature and to help identify hot spots.  These often indicate the existence of  problems.


  • Switch Gear
  • Distribution Boards
  • Main Panels
  • Controls
  • Bus Bar systems
  • Fuses
  • Cabling

What we offer

As well as saving money on maintenance and testing, Electro-Test is able to identify overloaded and dangerous connections not noticeable to the human eye, before they become a problem.

  • On-site surveying
  • Non contact testing
  • No equipment will need to be shut down during testing. We do not require physical contact with any components (in fact, equipment has to be energized to test effectively)

All test reports are produced in full colour with explanations of the test under taken and remedial actions recommended if necessary.

The report can be issued in paper format, or digitally on CD-ROM in PDF format


Electrical Testing Thermographic Surveys